Zodiac – robots for pool cleaning, electrolysis for water disinfection, water heaters, heat pumps, dehumidifiers


Zodiac is a global group whose business activities cover several areas including  POOL CARE product line,  that is, products for pool water treatment and pool cleaning.
Thanks to its quality, modern design, continuous technological improvement and new product development,  Zodiac has positioned itself as one of the best known manufacturers of swimming pools equipment whose products do not tolerate compromise in quality.

The most important in POOL CARE product line are:

  • DEVICES FOR POOL CLEANING: Hydraulic cleaners: G2, Topaze, Manta II, Super G+, G4, X7 Quattro
Electric cleaners: Indigo, Voyager 2X, Vortex 3, Sweepy free, Sweeper, Cybernaut NT,  Lazernaut
  • DEVICES FOR POOL WATER TREATMENT (electrolysis for working with salt water, mineral device for water treatment): LM2, Ei, Tri, pH Perfect, Tri pH, Nature 2 Spa, Nature 2 Express, Nature 2 Pro Plus
  • WATER ATTRACTIONS: Powerfall waterfalls with optic lighting