Wibre – lighting for pools and exteriors


Wibre symbolizes the highest quality of special reflectors designed for swimming pools, fountains and exteriors when it comes to lighting.
A wide range of lighting fixtures manufactured from the finest materials such as AISI 316L stainless steel usable in sea water and high degree of protection IP68 which makes them permanently water resistant for installations up to 3 meters of depth with a large selection of bulbs, both halogen and LED, thus enabling optimal lighting solutions for all types of pools, hydro massage tubs, fountains and lakes, as well as for external illumination of buildings, monuments, parks and the like. When you seek permanent lighting solutions in water or exterior, choose Wibra as the best because it sets up standards to its competition.

Product line is divided into several groups, namely:

  • Swimming pool reflectors
  • Whirlpool reflectors
  • Fountain reflectors
  • Exterior reflectors
  • Exterior lighting
  • Built-in reflectors
  • Fluorescent  lighting
  • Orientation lighting
  • Underwater loudspeakers
  • Underwater windows