Renolit – Alkorplan pool foils


AlkorPlan is a world famous Renolit  brand for PVC membranes which are the best solution for waterproofing in building and civil engineering construction as well as final coating of swimming pools.

Renolit has more than 60 years’ experience in the waterproofing sector with more than 300 million m² of AlkorPlan membranes installed which makes it the most important European manufacturer of PVC membranes.

AlkorPlan 2000 membranes for swimming pools are present both in private and in sport competition pools, hotel pools and aqua parks.

The assortment of AlkorPlan PVC membranes for pools consists of the following product groups:

  • ALKORPLAN 2000
  • ALKORPLAN 3000
  • Renolit Touch

Visualization of pools with different types of Alkorplan foils:

TOUCH installation Video ALKORPLAN