Project design office is part of the company having an expert team of mechanical and electrical engineers with extensive experience in designing and building of electro-mechanical installations, is able to develop and create complete project documentation from the concept to the main and detailed design for the following:

  • installation of pool equipment for private and public swimming pools, aqua parks, hospital and therapy pools
  • installation of fountains and decorative lakes
  • installation of water treatment plants for households, hotels and industry
  • automatic irrigation systems for grass surfaces, parks and sports fields
  • automatic irrigation systems for orchards, greenhouses with standard and hydroponic growing
  • systems for water disinfection and fertirigation in agriculture

Designing all the above mentioned systems is carried out by applying the latest technological solutions and using modern technology, in compliance with all applicable legal regulations.

Planning and design services are intended for professional installers, architects and investors, as well as all our other clients.