Irrigation and automatic watering

Irrigation is no longer a matter of trend, but more and more the need for watering green areas such as lawns, parks, sports fields and the like, which comes rapidly with climate changes. Irrigation is especially important in agriculture where it is one of the major agro-technical measures needed to be applied for ensuring and maximizing yield and maintaining competitiveness.

Relying on Hunter and Irritec, the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment, we provide a complete range of products for building all irrigation systems and automatic watering: from distribution pipes, “drop by drop” pipes, jointing materials and valves, solenoid valves, sprinklers, controllers, control stations, etc..

  • ASTORE – PP threaded fittings, valves and other jointing material
  • CEPEX – Valve boxes, fittings, valves and other jointing material
  • ETATRON – Dosing technique
  • HUNTER – Automatic irrigation
  • IRRITEC – Irrigation in agriculture
  • LARETER – PVC pipes
  • SPECK PUMPS – Pumps for wells and reservoirs