Ipros – heat plate


Ipros heat plate are made under license from the world’s leading manufacturers of GEA PHE Systems. They are characterized by reliability and versatile application. Their use is very diverse, from the simple and everyday to the most demanding technological processes. They are the result of the innovative technology, many years of experience and knowledge in the field of heat transfer and constant development.

We offer a range of heat exchangers: from versatile VT series to NT plates, which are the result of the latest development and improvement of plate heat exchangers – ECOLOC fastening seals system, OPTIWAVE ribbed panel and PosLoc positioning for better mutual plates grip are only some of these improvements. There is also a Free Flow design with increased spacing between the plates, suitable for viscous liquids and liquids containing fibers and solid particles. There are also other designs such as NF, Safetytherm, LWC, NX, …