Filter materials and preparation of water

Following current trends, and in accordance with European regulations on environmental protection, we provide a wide range of products from renowned manufacturers of filtration material and treatment of liquids and gases.

Assortment includes several types of activated carbon, hydro-anthracite and other types of mineral infillings for the filtration of drinking, pool, process, cooling and wastewater, especially for the filtration of liquids in the production of soft drinks, beer, wine, liquid sweeteners, etc.

We also have activated carbon for treatment and adsorption of gases in various types of industry and energy, which increasingly emerges as an inevitable solution for the purpose of preserving the environment.

  • BIO-UV – UV sterilizers
  • DONAU CARBON – Activated carbon
  • ETATRON – Dosing technique
  • FPZ – Turbo blowers
  • LOVIBOND – Devices and reagents for water analysis
  • PENTAIR – Softeners and water filters
  • RHEINKALK – Hydro-anthracite and special filtration materials