Astralpool – equipment for pools


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AstralPool is a Spanish company, part of the multinational Fluidra Group, which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of equipment for private and public swimming pools as well as Wellness centres. AstralPool is a leading manufacturer of equipment for pools with more than 15,000 products distributed in more than 170 countries worldwide.

The company’s wide product line includes complete equipment needed to build a pool, whether it is private, hotel or competition swimming pool, wellness centres and aqua parks, that is, everything needed to build pool pipelines, all elements of the pool shell, filters, pumps, automation for managing pool equipment operations and a variety of accessories such as pool lighting, various water attractions and other equipment necessary for the functioning and maintenance of swimming pools.
Equipment production mostly takes place in factories in Spain and France, which guarantees high quality and compliance with all relevant EU standards and regulations.